A combination of knowledge, skill and ability is a transaction of communication. To provide quality services integrating to all communities and to the candidates is the effective communication outcome..



To provide professional and qualitative education to all parts including rural areas. Direction and guidance to self assess them is the key to bring up best of their knowledge for keeping them up to date..



Knowing basic skills make the person to get a better way to prepare further in gaining professional skills. These are essential to get them update according to the present trend to mould their career..



Validating the skills make them ready professionally to choose a right career. By using best way of knowledge and skill to hone his abilities can better shape his career according to the intentions.presented..

Welcome to Career Juncture

Career juncture is a placement service center designed with good career planning and career exploration with a right degree in hand. We take care of job hunting in overseas placements also with a broad spectrum of hope.

Our main motive is to encourage individuals to bring out their potential and make their career dreams come true. The innate potential in us guides underlies our goals and actions. Career juncture is the good choice to make your career drive with good hopes and expectations.

The ideology of career juncture is to give guidance and interaction to students, job seekers and employers. It nurtures confidence in each and every step of their life path with good aspirations.

The students are all in a state of constantly adopting themselves to the need of rapidly changing world. Our commitment to the core concepts and ideology will shape the solid character and values that define. The characteristics they earn by being the member of career juncture are risk taking, openness, honesty, innovation, creativity and consistency.






To produce competent, dynamic and multi-talent young professionals matching the contemporary demands of global industry, thereby making them industry ready while at organization. We promote academy – industry – interaction. Our Mission is to ensure challenged sections of the society are proportionally represented socially and economically in the employment.


To see ourself as an outstanding placement service providers fulfilling the expectations of the employers. Drive candidates for better recruitment with a focused goal. Provide a match between a right candidate to a right requirement. Our vision is to make them choose right direction so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted talents can emerge in all sorts of professions.

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